Which style of Lehnga is Right for Your Body Shape?

| April 9, 2016

Varied styles of lehnga for your body shape

Hay arty fashion lovers! Do you know that modern 2016 fashion era is bringing exclusive vivacious of lehnga dress according you body shape? Yes fans, it is absolutely accurate that current 2016 fashion epoch is going to introduce innovative techniques to follow hottest craze and today the topic is to wear lehnga dress in exactly right ideal look. Lehnga is actually most important Indo-Western ethnic dress that especially wears by bridal on wedding ceremony and customary tires on festivals & ethnic social gatherings. This is prehistoric cultural dress that still is high-flying among ethnic fancy wardrobes because each & every season brings modernistic unique designs of its formation that’s reason lehnga is initial priority of Indian-Pakistani ladies on wedding functions.No doubt that females are always much cautious about their exterior feature so, we took decision to share exceptional styles of lehnga dresses for you those you will dress up according your body shape to exude perfect fashion sense & ideal beauty.

0 women body shapes

First of all, you should be know about your exact body shape then entirely read my article and choose accurate vogue & design for up-coming joyful party. Women figure shape watchfully divided in four silhouettes those are called banana, pear, apple and hourglass. Definitions of these shapes are shared here, read & know that which shape do you have?

Rectangle body shape

1 A-line lehnga with embroidered sholi for slim figure

If your shoulders, waist & hips are measured almost in same size then you are rectangle in figure that also called banana & slim body structure in which your bust are in average size.

A-line stiff fabric lehnga for banana shape

If you are skinny straight in body silhouette and have no curve then you need to create curves by your dress up so, wear stiff fabric lehnga that is wider from hem and adorned by ethnic embroidery. Slim waist & short bodice is perfect ideal pair of clothes to have fascinated grace in expression. Cross body lehnga dupatta is also flattering addition in your dramatic manifestation.

Apple shape figure of women

2 drapping pattern lehnga is best for apple

Women those store fat in mid section and have fatty belly, broad shoulders and full bust they are apply in body silhouette. Arms, legs and thighs are slimmer than upper bodice.

Best lehnga style for your apply body

Bulky body with thinner legs need to high waist sheer smooth lehnga apparel that can pair with embroidered bodice & jacket style. Draping jacket or layering top are exceptional vogues of over wear dress that can keep maintain your heavy top silhouette.

Definition of female pear body shape

3 embroidered bodice & sheer lehnga

Pear body is actually larger from hips & half buttocks than upper shoulders & waist line. This is really difficult body shape in stunning silhouette.

Embroidered bodice lehnga dress for pear

Heavy hips & weight buttocks are really very annoying and disturb your sexy feature elegance. You should to wear sleek fluid top lehnga with embroidered patch that terrifically paired with stiff embroidered bodice or choli to bring on balance you average or slimmer bust & lower legs area. These two outstanding lehnga outfits are fascinated in formation and excellent for pear body women.

Hourglass body shape

4 lehnga for hour glass

If you are clear that you have hourglass figure then you are lucky because it is most admiring ideal woman profile.  Hourglass ladies are in same size from shoulders & hips while waist back is slimmer.

Endearing perfect lehnga attires for hourglass

You are really able to dear love because you have many options to adorn your body figure but here I selected two more valuable & striking vogues of lehnga. You are sexy slimmer from waist line so, wear short choli & light waist lehnga with straight or wider hemline. But if you are going to carry single hue outfit then heavy embroidered & inflated skirt is favorable for you to exude dramatic fascinated charm.

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