Which Lehenga Styles are Best if I Have too Long Height

| March 19, 2016

Lehenga is the traditional outfit that have astonishing glam for ladies to wear for different events and functions, in fact in South Asian countries no bride is considered complete without wearing Lehenga. However there are different styles in Lehenga too, that looks perfect on certain body types in fact choosing a Lehenga dress right according to your height and body type gives you a complete flawless look. With the height issue I have read a lot on the considerations of wearing Lehenga attires for petite girls but where are the too long girls that have also problem finding the right dressing code, especially when they have to wear such traditional auras like Lehenga.
However everything flatters on tall women and long heighted ladies are considered the luckiest one but even then they need a perfect guide following specific patterns, styles and color codes. Tall height girls should avoid such patterns that make them look taller. I am a normal height girl not too small or not too tall but I have noticed one thing that in some specific patterns and color codes of fabric I look longer than my height I have but sometimes I look small, it is because that the dresses create illusion of long or short.
I will tell you about some do’s and don’ts that you must keep in mind while pairing a Lehenga dress with choli if you are too tall.  Let’s go to define some points that are fruitful for you and also the lehengas fit for you.

Selection of right stuff for Lehenga:

1. Best lehenga styles for long height girls


Well it’s a natural fact that if a girl is too long she is smart and slim that’s why if you do not select right stuff there would be a disaster. For example you should not go with sheer panels like chiffon and also avoid mermaid style lehengas that are not for heighted girls as they make you seem extra long. Some fluffy or puffed fabrics like organza would be best for you to have full volume in Lehenga but with pastel colors that can make you look short.

Make one thing heavier in Lehenga dress:

2. Best lehenga styles for long height girls

Try to put colors in your dress but if you have to select only the one color for Lehenga dress then make the one thing heavier, I mean take fully embroidered Lehenga but choli should be simple. For choli take the inspiration from the picture where Dipika had worn the full puffed sleeves choli that is not too short but the style like a crop top. This style Lehenga dress will be a good deal for long height girls to look little short than the height they have.

Take horizontal stripes:

3. Best lehenga styles for long height girls

Too tall girls should avoid vertical patterns in Lehenga in fact take the horizontal stripes or embroidery designs to shrink the lower body part wisely. In the picture you can see that chevron stripes and the horizontal mirror work on Lehenga is perfect for long girls and with this style you may pair the sleeveless choli but it should cover your more belly as too short choli also give you tall look with vertical impressions.

Brocade and Banarsi is for you:

4. Best lehenga styles for long height girls

As I have mentioned in my first point that some puffed stuff would be the right choice of too long girls for Lehenga dress that’s why I consider it true to mention one more stuff of brocade and Banarsi that have great elegance and the intricate patterned stuff cover you lean and long legs that greatly affect in making you longer.

Wide borders and right cholis:

5. Best lehenga styles for long height girls

If tall girls are going to dare Lehenga dress then they must focus on the volume and also the border. Border must take wide detailing while for choli, full sleeve and bateau necklines. Halter, plunging, or v necklines are not for tall girls, choose the round, bateau and jewel neckline that covers your upper body and don’t create the long-long effects. And keep in mind that Lehenga must not be high waisted or floor length in fact its length should end right on the end of your leg.

Play with lots of pattern in Lehenga:

6. Best lehenga styles for long height girls

Take such stuff that has a lot of patterns with intricate detailing, look at the picture where girl has worn the Lehenga that is mixtures of regal patterns like floral. But have the full flares or volume goes down to your feet. Taking care of the right selection in Lehenga, also consider the importance of footwear as you should avoid long high heels. Well flats are best but if you are fashion stick then opt for low heels.

Color blocking effects in Lehenga attire:

7. Best lehenga styles for long height girls

Well the dark colors and the one color Lehenga dresses are said to avoid by too long girls, instead of going with single color Lehenga bring a lot of colors in dress that will not allow to make the focus on your extra long height. Make the people busy in looking at the color blocking effects in your Lehenga attire and enjoy your function happily.



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