What Your Skin Tone Says to Wear Which color Lehenga is Best

| August 29, 2016

0. How To Choose Lehenga According To Your Skin Tone

Have you said yourself saying most of the time that this color doesn’t suit me or that color looks perfect on me? It’s your personal observation and this helps very much to wear the colors that suit your skin tone. Yes, picking the dressing code shades according to the skin complexion is the right way to make your clothing perfect.

But here the girls are used to having the party wear dresses that are in trend or look good to their eyes, but if it doesn’t flatter on you? Then definitely a mood disaster and ruined look disturbs you and your pictures. In India and Pakistan brides and even young girls love to wear lehengas on wedding scene so we have Lehenga guide about which colors are for your specific skin complexion. Simply make an easy test of judging your veins, if the veins are green then you are warmer tone girl and if the veins look blue then you are fair skin girl.

Now days, it’s not a big matter to just own for reds and maroons lehengas for wedding but the trends have been transformed to more groomed pickings of Lehenga shades. This guide will really help you but if you give a trial to your Lehenga then it would be sufficient deal to consider which one is best. Take trials and find the shade that flatters the skin complexion otherwise come here to suffer the phenomena of complexion.

This is also a fact that opting for all one color can present a trouble for specific skin tone but if you add the contrast then the chances are more to not having such problem because contrast of two colors is mixing up the pallets that doesn’t create so many problems. Well besides all the facts let’s come to explore the self-suited color shades of lehengas for just your skin tone.

Fair skin tone-cooler:

As far as the fair skin complexion is concerned, all colors are stated for this complexion girls but try to find the subtle colors in dusky pastels and bright tone lehengas, try beige, emerald green, coral red, coral peach, bright pink, golden, pastel orange, wine green, mid night blue color lehengas. But generally it is considered that so brighter tones are perfect for cool skin that is not good. Tomato red color Lehenga would be overpowered wearing for you. However grey shade is not considered best for this skin tone but if you take a match of pink with grey, red with ash grey, I mean tints of grey in any vibrant color Lehenga is good to take. Avoid the colors that further fade off your skin tone.

Medium skin tone-Wheatish:

Medium skin tone girls are lucky enough because of getting margins to try various colors list. Earthy tones, orange, coral, peach, royal blue, bright or hot pink, vibrant green and red color lehengas can target your skin tone so gorgeously. Red color really compliments the medium or olive skin tones as it adds the brightening level at its right. Never ever try to go with deep or dark blue shades, similarly dark green or even beige are not for you. Golden color lehengas also make your skin look warmer than brighter. Both golden and silver jewels look good on this skin tone but don’t overdo the Lehenga color shades.

Dark skin tones-warmer:

The best example of warm skin tone is Bipasha Basu and even most of time you find the girls having warmer complexion in India. Brides with such complexion can suffer a lot as they have to be careful with each and every shade of Lehenga. I would rather suggest of experiencing or trying the Lehenga shades before so that you can find the best suited for you. But you must go with family of peach, burnt oranges, pastels with warm shades, pinks that are not so bright. Mint green is also a cool choice for such brides or girls, on the other hand dusky pinks are also good choice. You must not try the gold, silver, black, browns and grey shade lehengas as it add the more chances to make you look warmer than flattered skin.


however the guide in which color classification can help you the most but sometimes the scene is totally change as the color Lehenga can suit to warm skin girls or vice versa. Similarly now the brides are also not so much tense as the well defined makeup can make them look more beautiful and flattering than they are. So the chances are more to pick up any shade with a fantastic makeup.

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