Trending Lehenga Collection For Brides In Light Weight

| June 19, 2017

Being a bride is not a simple job. There may be varied traditions, facts and also ways to be a bride. But one thing remains the same in every girl who is going to be bride and that is nervousness.

Every girls in the world is considered to be waiting for her wedding day because she would be treated like a princess on that day by her family, friends and all family members. Also she is going to join life of other person in different place with different people.

Well these are feelings and desired of brides but we are here to discuss about wedding fashion facts of brides. Western and Asian bridals may have feelings in common but their way of getting ready involving jewelry, wedding dress, shoes each and every thing is varied.

Asian bridals have to wear heavy lehenga full of embroidery, embellished with rhinestones, motifs and number of things. Everything in wedding dress like wedding lehenga, blouse and dupatta is full with embroidery and thus make dress heavy in nature.

She has to carry everything. After carrying heavy lehenga, she has to wear heavy jewelry to add up more bridal touch to their personalities. Lots of makup to make her more gorgeous then her actual self is applied on her face and other body parts that are showing through dress like arms hands and etc.

but things has changed, some girls like to keep everything heavy but most of them like to be their wedding dress little bit lighter in weight so that they could carry it more comfort ability as well.

We come to know about this demand and for that reason, we have drafted out some of remarkable designs for ladies which is maintained with cool collaborations and light embroidery ideas as well.

Just take a look at our drafted ideas and you will come to know lighter and brighter options for your wedding day if you want your wedding dress to be light in weight as compared to other wedding dresses.

Visual aids:
Floral pink lehenga ideas for bride:


Light weight wedding lehenga for brides:

2 lightweight lehenga for bridals (4)

Stiff light weight wedding lehenga:


Traditional light weight wedding lehenga:


Grey and pink wedding lehenga in light weight:


Cool coral shaded wedding light weight lehenga:


Gold and maroon light weight lehenga:


Designer colorful light weight wedding lehenga:


Beautiful light weight designer wedding lehenga:


Aqua and coral wedding embroidered light weight lehenga:

11 lightweight lehenga for bridals (2)

Royal style beautiful light weight wedding lehenga:

12 lightweight lehenga for bridals (3)

Blue and gold light weight wedding lehenga:

13 lightweight lehenga for bridals (1)


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