Traditional Indian Bridal Lehengas and Gowns in Different Colors

| August 22, 2016

Hey gorgeous ladies! You know what make the Indian weddings more fabulous? It is their traditional auras with splendid styles and grandeur. Well I am sure you have got all about i am going to describe; it is the traditional Indian dresses of brides that most of the time they like and style on wedding. Bridal lehengas and gowns are full of charm, with multiple crafting and styling of rich embroidery patterns and motifs.

We have collected all designer wedding outfits because of their newest designs and eye popping designs with colors. Traditional cut lehengas has the cool pallets of flowing skirt like Lehenga and well defined choli while the dupatta has also designed beautifully. I have picked up the Lehenga and gown in same color so that you can easily choose the one according to your own choice.

The Indian brides can opt Lehenga for their wedding day and the fully embellished gown for reception or vice versa it’s totally up to the bride will. Mostly red color lehengas and bridal gowns are more classic for Indian wedding scenes but nowadays the wedding trend is something more of reds tone as different color pickings have become common even trendier.

But we have get the red along with other shades like fuchsia, maroon, white, powder green and golden. No matter your wedding is in winter, summer or spring, we have all for Indian brides with outclass design lehengas and gowns that have exquisite embroidery. Well now we are moving towards the collection and showcase you the most alluring designs of Indian bridal auras.

Red Lehenga and long trail bridal gown:

1+ Bridal Wedding Lehengas & Gowns

Both red Lehenga and gown are worn with great zeal by Indian brides as this color enhances the south Asian beauties so enchantingly. Golden embroidery on these dresses is the enhancement and a bride must pair Kundan gold jewelry to update their style statement just tremendously. Whether you take the Flowy gown or long trail both styles are just awesome.

Fuchsia pink Lehenga and wedding gown:

2+ Bridal Wedding Lehengas & Gowns

Fuchsia pink color Lehenga has become the top most color picking by brides from last 2-3 years and the same color bridal Anarkali gown has the same charm as Lehenga has. Be glamorous when having makeover with this color dresses on wedding and have smoky eyes with beautiful liner so that the eye shape may enhance the south Asian beauty.

Dark maroon Indian bridal dresses:

3+ Bridal Wedding Lehengas & Gowns

There was a time when both Indian and Pakistani brides opted the maroon if they didn’t want to pick up red and maroon is the wonder for brides. Still this day maroon embroidered lehengas and gowns are bashful choice of Indian brides. Wear gold jewelry and have light skin eye makeover if you are going to have dark maroon lipstick.

White wedding aura for Indian brides:

4+ Bridal Wedding Lehengas & Gowns

Well white is just unique color shade worn by brides and if we go back in the past 1020 years then come to know that white could not imagine a bride to wear on her wedding but Indian brides are taking white with traditional cut lehengas and gowns that have subtle embroideries. You have to be choosy with hairstyle, makeover and other accessories when wearing white so match the perfect things and be a modern glam bride.

Pastel green embroidered Lehenga and gown:

5+ Bridal Wedding Lehengas & Gowns (2)

The pastel green fully embroidered Lehenga and full flair long length bridal gown are looking so allure and this color dresses are perfect to wear for reception day but if an Indian bride want to pick for wedding day then she can own for. Wear traditional style jewelry with colorful beaded details and have glamorous makeover.

Glittery golden wedding dress trend:

6+ Bridal Wedding Lehengas & Gowns

Not only the western brides are wearing glittery gold sequined wedding dresses but the traditional brides too and golden glossy Lehenga choli and bridal gown is gorgeously amazing to wear on wedding day. There is much margin of styling the glittery and glamorous makeover in which a bride can look fantastic. Have red lipstick and enjoy the ever beautiful appearance on your wedding.

Floral inspired bridal dressing code:

7+ Bridal Wedding Lehengas & Gowns

Floral design party wear lehengas and gowns by different designers are so beautiful but for spring weddings the designers have also manipulated the floral inspired Lehenga choli and embroidered long gowns to be completely spring bride. You can wear the colorful jewelry with these dresses but high heels are your best companion to be elongate and fanciful.

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