Top 9 Wedding Collection of Adnan Pardesy

| July 17, 2014

Adnan Pardesy:

Adnan Pardesy is the Pakistani imaginary fashion designer who has the ability to convert his thoughts into some practically and beautiful attires and wardrobe. Adnan Pardesy has no other competitor other than him, he is one and only who enjoys his position being a creative artist. He has completed his graduation from the Asian Institute of Fashion Design and in 2002.

After completing his education, he has started his own family business of textiles and garments. Adnan Pardesy has launched many women’s classy wear of wedding dresses, casual dresses, seasonal and formal wearing. His latest and inspirational women collection has also get an additional achievement for his engrossing designs and enchantment of color combinations.

He has been attended the Karachi Fashion Week as a participant and attain a huge round of applause due to his astoundingly motivating feminine and exclusive collection. Here we have some collection of Adnan Pardesy’ wedding attires which inspire you and motivate you for your wedding day celebration. Now you can see top 10 wedding dresses that will stop you to see any other collection other than encouraging assortments of Adnan Pardesy.

Orange bodice frock:

1. Wedding Dresses by Adnan Pardesi (1)

Now beguile yourself with the luscious reflecting orange color dress with adequately bodice design delicately finished with a folding style that mesmerizes your whole fascination.

Adorned wedding dresses of Nida yasir and Zeba:

2. Wedding Dresses by Adnan Pardesi (6)

Nida yasir and zeba has worn most exhilarating and decked wedding dresses by Adnan Pardesi and joyfully expresses the dresses on the ramp that have glorious designing and the ornamentation is awesome with floor length styles.

White strapless frock:

3. Wedding Dresses by Adnan Pardesi (2)

This elegantly peaceful white frock with out straps is displaying by Model Mehreen to add charm in the outlook of the dress. The dress has printed stuff has mind blowing designing at the bottom adds a magnetic charisma in the eyes of the onlookers.

Green ankle length frock:

5. Wedding Dresses by Adnan Pardesi (5)

This graceful dress in the green color makes able you to immerse yourself in the glitzy effect of your look and stops the visions of the viewers on you.

White dress wears by Shaista Wahidi:

6. Wedding Dresses by Adnan Pardesi (7)

Shaista wahidi is the most recognized and energetic personality of Pakistan and hosting a morning show in the Geo television. She is also displaying a wonderfully tailored wardrobe by Adnan Pardesy.

Sleeveless black and white dress:

7. Wedding Dresses by Adnan Pardesi

The most stylish and chic dress in black and white color is the one of the best masterpiece of Adnan Pardesy which observes the visions of the dress lover individuals.

Double layered frock:

8. Wedding Dresses by Adnan Pardesi (8)

Striking and stunning trendy frock in double layered style gives you a chance to add a stupendous and baroque gaze in your personality.

Bridal and groom wedding dress:

9. Wedding Dresses by Adnan Pardesi (4)

Customary dressing in the bridal and groom collection inspires you to carry Shalwar kameez for groom, and the bride has worn a black trendiest sari which appears both of them in a pleasant gaze.

Traditional sari dress:

10. Wedding Dresses by Adnan Pardesi (3)

Graceful dressing in the form of sari is the best fashion for feminine to wear in the wedding or formal occasions. Sari always gives an Indian look and makes you classy celebrity among your fellows.

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