Top 10 Wedding Lehenga, Maxi and Suits by Nilofer Shahid

| July 19, 2014

About Nilofer Shahid:

Nilofer Shahid is the director of the Meeras fashion house that was established in 1992 and she was also the big emissary of nation’s culture. Nilofer Shahid belongs to a well talented and prominent family of painters, craftsmanship, poets and combatants. It is also saying that she is a passionate owner of Houte couture garments and accessories.

She has also attained the title of Runway Empress of Pakistan for her classy and conventional planning of the birthright. She has achieved many life time achievements awards for her fabulous creativity of Mughal designing and craftsmanship. Her collection is the reflection of the traditionally conventional outfits specifically for wedding purposes. With the establishment of Meeras, she receive a huge admiration and appreciation form their client and competitors as compared to all others competitors.

The aim of Meeras by Nilofer Shahid is to provide classy and elegant wearing for accessorizing their customers.
Now you can enjoy the latest top 10 wedding attires by Nilofer Shahid displaying by us that will ensure you about the selection and designing of Meeras fashion house regarding the wedding outfits.

Red and cooper crush lehenga:

1. Wedding maxi & lehenga by Nilofar Shahid (7)

Nilofer Shahid is the imaginary and invented personality in the world of prêt and couture and her designed costumes has been achieved an immense esteem from the lovers of the fashion. This dress is heartedly the creation of the Nilofer Shahid specifically for brides. This dress is paired with long open style shirt with a crush flawless lehenga in red and cooper colors. the embellishment of the shirt is awesomely admirable by the clients.

Multi colors wedding lehenga:

2. Wedding maxi & lehenga by Nilofar Shahid (3)

The most graceful and splendid bridal outfit is the masterpiece of the Meeras fashion house by Nilofer Shahid that is wonderfully amazing with multi colors in the eyes of the bridals.

New style maxi:

3. Wedding maxi & lehenga by Nilofar Shahid

There are extremely new and latest designs of maxis but this astonishing maxi style is strikingly stunning for the wedding purposes. That has baroque glance attributes with fish tail finishing, ornamented in surprising manner.

Floor length lehenga:

4. Wedding maxi & lehenga by Nilofar Shahid (9)

Decent and modish choice girls always prefer new and distinctive designing of the wedding attires because they are so crazy and conscious about their wedding dresses. So their first preference may be these types of dresses that have extraordinary patterns with floor length styling.

Pink and white lehenga dress:

5.  Wedding maxi & lehenga by Nilofar Shahid (10)

Now, World’s prettiest wedding dress is not far from you. You can easily see and buy this dress simply from the Meeras fashion house. This dress is beautifies with net stuff in pink and white combination. The long open shirt is greatly decked with thread embroidery and using a kataan fabric to finish the shit and lehenga.

Velvet bodice maxi:

6. Wedding maxi & lehenga by Nilofar Shahid (6)

Nicely embedded floor length maxi is just some step far from you. You can look this maxi’s beauty and ornamentation with velvet bodice style in red color that is fairly baroque with mind blowing accessorized material.

Grey lehenga dress for wedding:

7. Wedding maxi & lehenga by Nilofar Shahid (4)

Now, there is no need to be worry about your walima day dress. Meeras fashion house kindly helps you in choosing the quality bridal dress. This grey color is the demonstration of walima dress that is superbly ornament with high class embellishment of beads and motifs work on the entire dress.

Sherwani dress for groom:

8. Wedding maxi & lehenga by Nilofar Shahid (1)

Nilofer Shahid also presents groom wedding collection for the facilitation of the grooms. This wedding dress has tremendously nice sherwani dress is festooned with vibrant reflecting white stones with a printed silk shawl to enhance the royal personality of the groom.

Kaamdar suit for wedding:

9. Wedding maxi & lehenga by Nilofar Shahid (8)

Now you entertain yourself with the exciting variety of wedding suits in the form of open shirt paired with chooridaar pajama adequately embedded with multi colors beads with gem stones.

Green wedding dress with palazzo:

10. Wedding maxi. & lehenga by Nilofar Shahid (5)

Magnificent green wedding dress paired with jamawaar palazzo is fully bejeweled with white stones and embroidery work on the whole open style shirt which leaves impressively charming touch to the wearer.

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