Some Most Expensive Lehanga Costumes in the World

| June 21, 2016

Expensive lehanga costumes:

Lehanga is traditional wearing charm of Asian countries. Asian brides love to disclose their bridal beauty in fascinating lehanga dresses. Rightly, it is consider as immaculate dressing idea to define fascinating bridal beauty. That’s why it is one of prior wearing style for Asian designers. Designers are designed stunning lehanga costumes so that elite brides can meet their aspiration excellently. Not only to tackle bridal beauty but also for single and married girls, lehanga us festive selection to look fabulous and compact.

Exploring the matchless grace of lehanga costumes here are sharing some splendid designs of alluring lehanga dresses which are tremendously popular and considered as world’s most expensive lehanga costumes.  These fascinating lehanga dresses are designed by leading Pakistani and Indian fashion designers. To define feminine beauty in most lucid and compact way, these terrific lehanga dresses are designed with excellent dexterities and precious native embellishing works.  These world famous lehanga dresses are which I am sharing here have some unique and individual elegance and have grabbed the attention of people even at their first sights. I must say that gorgeous expressions of these lehanga dresses are brimmed with classy demonstrations and opulent manifestations. So without any further wait, let’s explore precious expressions of these designer lehanga costumes which are titled as world’s most expensive lehanga dresses.

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin lehanga dresses:

1 the most expensive lehenga in the world (2)

Hassan Sherheryar Yasin is iconic and one of most prestigious pillar of Pakistan fashion industry. Her deluxe 2013 bridal collection contained lots of remarkable dress but one of them is listed among the world’s most expensive lehanga dresses. It is carried by Reema Khan and every expression of this lehanga is teemed with fabulous magnificence. All esteemed patterns and immaculate embellishing visions are collectively determining its status as tremendously high ranking.

Devdas 2002 lehanga costumes:

2 the most expensive lehenga in the world (2)

Bollywood diva Madhuri Dixit carried stunning and heaviest lehanga costumes in bollywood blockbuster “Devdas” these amazing outfits designed by Neeta Lulla, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khusla and Reza Sharifi. Expensive stuffs, intricate precious embroideries and stone works (of each costumes of this movie) are taking these costumes’ price till the 15 lakh. Madhuri carried a 30 kilo heavy lehanga dress in “Kahe Chear Chear Mohay”. Devdas lehanga costumes are deserved to be in list of world’s most expensive lehanga dresses.

Sonakhsi Sinha lehanga in “Radha Nachegi”:


3 the most expensive lehenga in the world (3)

In 2015 blockbuster movie “Tevar”, Sonakhsi Sinha carried a stunning lehanga dress in song “Radha Nachegi”. The cost of this splendid kehanga is 75 lakh and overall cost of total song is 2.5 crors. Sonakhsi’s lavish lehanga is definitely one of most expensive lehanga of world. I am sure that after this info you will certainly assume a deep view of Sonakhsi’s lehanga in “Radha Nachegi” so enjoy classy expression of this fascinating lehanga dress which is teemed with luxurious embellishing demonstrations.

Faryal Makhdoom wedding lehanga:

4 the most expensive lehenga in the world (5)

Gorgeous diva Faryal Makhdoom (wife of boxer Amir Khan) carried an inspiring royal inspired bridal lehanga at her wedding day. Her wedding lehanga is designed by Indian leading fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani. Deluxe stuff and heaviest gold embellishing work are creating tremendously fantastic lehanga costume. I must say that Faryal can produce such fetching bridal beauty partly at behalf of her opulent bridal costume. You must enjoy tremendous royal magnificence of this amazing costume which is no doubt one of moat lavish lehanga dress.

2016 lehanga collection by Tena Durani:

5 the most expensive lehenga in the world (7)
Pakistani young and competent fashion designer Tena Durani got tremendous repute in very early age at behalf of her splendid designing sense. Her 2016 lehanga collection id enormously fabulous and its lehanga designs are considered as among the precious lehanga of the world. Utmost opulent stuffs and heavy embellishing patterns with thick patterns are disclosing classy grace of these lehanga attires.  take a look of these two remarkable lehanga dresses which are no doubt deserve to be on list of precious lehanga of the world.


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