Precious Spring 2016 Lehanga Collection by Sanober Azfar

| June 15, 2016

Sanober Azfar bridal lehanga collection:

Among those fashion designer who have great concern with traditional gota pati and other native embellishing touches we have Sanober Azfar, she is disclosing her unique designing art since 2010. Since that time fashion country gentry has great inclination towards her piece of art. For this season once again she has done something tremendously excellent for brides. Her spring 2016 bridal collection is teemed wit flattering magnificence; these gorgeous dressing ideas are just fabulous. I must say that you will fall in love with these immaculate designs of adorable bridal lehanga dresses.

Sanober Azfar is mainly interested in lehanga wearing style to define the romantic grace of bridal beauty. In bridal beauty, romanticism is significant aspect which must highlight to attain perfect grace of bride and I think lehanga is matchless dressing style to define girlish beauty in most fabulous way. These amazing lehanga costumes are bedecked with fetching gota pati and other traditional embellishing patterns. Fine grace of unique hue and immaculately terrific stitching cuts are boost up flattering grace of these terrific bridal costumes which are just matchless to define classy grace of evocative bridal beauty. Let’s discuss fabulous grace, classy expressions and opulent embellishing works of these best designed spring bridal lehanga dresses.

Heavy gota work lehanga dress:

1 Sanober Azfar Lehenga Collection, Spring 2016 (2)
Tremendously heavy gold gota pati work at logs green bridal lehanga is producing fabulous grace which is desired to deal with bridal beauty. This inspiring lush green lehanga is paired with heavy embellished red dupatta. For those brides who are interested in traditional bridal look. Go with matching opulent jewelry accessories and immaculate bright makeup to produce evocative bridal beauty at great day of life. Every pattern and expression of this precious bridal lehanga choli is terrific to define romantic bridal grace.

Contrast heavy bridal lehanga kurti:

2 Sanober Azfar Lehenga Collection, Spring 2016 (4)

Charm of plain full sleeve kurti is paired with heavy embellished same colored lehanga. This gorgeous lehanga dress is further combine with fabulous contrast dupatta. Decent hue selection and precious embellishing vision of this terrific dress is greatly excellent. This fetching bridal costume is terrifically awesome for reception day. Go with wavy long hairs or formal updo and decent bridal makeup to produce immaculate elegance of allure bride.

Double dupatta lehanga dress:

3 Sanober Azfar Lehenga Collection, Spring 2016 (8)
Sophisticate kurti is aired with heavy sequin and gota pati work embellished lehanga. Golden gota pati work is producing gorgeous grace with turquoise hue. Double dupatta in golden and turquoise colors are further increasing classy magnificence of this bridal lehanga. For young brides, this amazing bridal lehanga dress is matchless selection to look compact and sensational at wedding day. Wavy curl undo hairstyle or curly updo hairstyle both will be terrifically awesome for this amazing wedding dress.

Black bridal lehanga dress:

4 Sanober Azfar Lehenga Collection, Spring 2016 (11)
Border work fascinating black lehanga kurti dress is producing classy grace for brides. I know black is not for wedding function but you can carry this sensational bridal lehanga dress at after reception day function. It will be tremendously festive and compact select to define your newlywed girlish elegance. go with wavy curly hairs and fetching matching jewelry accessories to look fabulous at after reception day function when you are ready to go back in your husband’s home.

Perfect classy charm for mehndi night:

5 Sanober Azfar Lehenga Collection, Spring 2016 (12)

Highly sophisticate bridal lehanga kurti dress to definer decent girlish look at mehndi night is shared here. This fabulous heavy embellished lehanga is paired with magnificent full sleeves kurti and contrast colored festive dupatta. This exclusive dressing idea is immaculate to look unique and evocative at mehndi night function. You can wear kundan jewelry or sophisticate floral jewelry to produce delicate grace of bridal beauty.

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