Most Stylish Lehenga Choli Collection 2016 for Little Girls

| August 30, 2016

As the young girls are conscious about their party wear dresses as are the little girls who want to have such kind of dresses that are trendy and terrific to give the best expressions. Now 21st century kids are tough because they have their own preference and choice to wear anything. They also want to be the truly fashionistas of this age that is why I have collected a collection of party wear Lehenga cholis for little girls to wear for different parties mainly for wedding parties.

Lehenga choli is the most popular ladies wearing in India, not even young girls but also brides always go with Lehenga choli having multi style embroideries on lehengas. The Lehenga and choli in our collection is not filled with the embroidered dresses because kid’s dresses must be simple and lightweight carrying the ethnicity.

Now the all old styles has gone and the new way of styling Lehenga adding different style cholis and embellishments are in trend. Some of these Lehenga cholis are totally designer wear and if the price of these lehengas is not in range then save the picture and get it to your tailor and ask him to stitch the same Lehenga choli for your little fashion girl. It’s easy to stitch the kids girl’s lehengas as they are easy to handle that is why there is less chance of any fault. Well don’t move ahead and keep on reading my post because there are plenty of ideas that you will find further with pictures of lehengas so have a look.

Floral beautiful Lehenga choli:

0. Stylish lehenga choli collection for little girls

Floral pattern is in the fashion air and young modish are taking this print to chill their refreshing look. These floral design Lehenga choli are just fantastic for little girls to wear for spring festival in school where she has to look more traditional. Wear her matching shoes but with no heel as it can harm her small feet and she is not used to wearing high heels. Mothers can have these lehengas for national events or festivals of India.

Net trendy Lehenga choli for kid girls:

1+ Stylish lehenga choli collection for little girls

Orange and shocking pink little girl net Lehenga choli are looking so gorgeous with the glossy laces or ribbon embellishments. The lehengas has been divided into sections by adorning the intricate and sleek laces which is giving as if the Lehenga has crushed styling. Style the little babies’ dupatta by attaching a brooch on shoulders and a light lipstick will enhance their innocent beauty.

Half saree Lehenga styles for kids:

2. Stylish lehenga choli collection for little girls

It is more than wow taking the Lehenga in half saree style that is famous among young girls and bridals also style their wedding lehengas in such styling. You just have to set the dupatta same like a saree pallu and drape the other corner of dupatta to one shoulder. Half saree Lehenga style is here to entertain your little girl beautiful clothing. Black with pink and green with blue kids Lehenga choli are wondrous for wedding.

Jacket style net Lehenga and choli:

4+ Stylish lehenga choli collection for little girls

We have added more of net lehengas in this collection because once again the net dresses trend is on its peak especially in Pakistan so the net lehengas are best to rejoice the joys of any event. The jacket style Lehenga choli in the picture just looking like the celebrity style Lehenga dresses. Add the tassels to give the Lehenga dresses gorgeous impressions. These Lehenga outfits are best for this coming Eid or you can wear your girl on the barat function of aunt or cousin wedding.

Toddler girls Lehenga choli designs:

5+ Stylish lehenga choli collection for little girls

Toddler girls are not behind the scene and they also want to wear trendy style Lehenga cholis on different occasions. We have picked up the one in pastel beige color and the other in bright colors which is fit to wear on mehandi function because of using the Gota Patti lace work on Lehenga and choli.

Stylish Lehenga choli for small girls:

6+ Stylish lehenga choli collection for little girls

Both Lehenga cholis designs in the image has unique but vibrant colors in fact bright color dressing really suits on small kids so taking these stylish Lehenga choli dresses for little fashion girls would be great. For wedding parties, Eid, holi, Navratri, divali and for any Pooja function these party wear lehengas are cool.

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