Ideas To Wear White Shirt With Lehenga

| September 14, 2017

Whenever you desire to have sizzling and dazzling look must opt for white color shirt with Lehenga and have marvelous look. White shirt can be paired with most of the colors as red, maroon, pink, blue, magenta etc all colors can make incredible contrast with white color shirt.

Wearing Lehenga with white color shirt you can have marvelous and superb look. Printed and colorful Lehenga décor with different materials can give you startling look with white color shirt. Here we have collected number of outfits that will make your look stunning and striking in Lehenga with white shirt.

You can wear this attire on different occasions and obviously on wedding too you will look exceptional in this dress. Bnarsi Lehenga with white shirt will give you astonishing look. Some wonderful outfits are shown here:

Mustard color Lehenga with white shirt:

Mustard color Lehenga with superb embroidery designing will make you look inspirational. White color button down shirt is looking fantastic with mustard color lehenga. Wearing a Kundan haar with the collared shirt you will look spectacular. Let your tresses open and if you are on a resort then wearing this attire you will look very modish and edgy. Golden color clutch in your hands will make your appearance more elegant.

Belted bnarsi Lehenga with white shirt:

Don this belted bnarsi Lehenga and look wonderful in this dress. Burgundy color bnarsi Lehenga will make incredible look with white shirt. White shirt with full sleeves and V-neckline will give you marvelous look to mesmerize others. A large haar will change the entire look of the dress and will give you regal look. Leave your tresses open and straight to let the ultimate feminine vibes exude.

Mahira in golden Lehenga and white shirt:

The gorgeous Mahira is looking outstanding in this photo shot. She is wearing golden Lehenga fully décor and embellished. Lehenga with the white shirt is making Mahira look elegant and graceful. White shirt with full sleeves and collared neckline will give you alluring and ravishing look. Considering this dress to wear on special occasion you can make people eye-popping and jaw-dropping.

Omber Lehenga with white shirt:

Have wonder-struck look in this omber shaded Lehenga and this will give you sizzling and dazzling look paired with white color shirt. Collared shirt with the Lehenga will give you very sophisticated look and making graceful updo hairstyle you can have gorgeous look. You can wear earrings to give compliment to your look.

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