How to Wear Right Sleeves of Blouse With Lehenga

| December 14, 2017

Right Blouse and Sleeves According to the Body Shapes:

Lehenga is stunning traditional and ethnic wear attire for girls which never fail to make them look appealing and just attention grabbing. While no matter how many stylish girls are still they love to appear with glamour and shine of traditional colors especially in gatherings and events.

While it always adds a specific charm and evolves different fashion looks in beautiful themes. So while talking about lehenga there are lots of different stitching styles and designs. There are as much styles and themes as you can only think about lehenga attire.

Sometimes girls become choosy about the sleeves of the blouse for lehenga. Because today there is no specific rang of sleeves are in fashion so you are free to go with any kind of length.

So here our current drafted presentation is affiliated with the display of some amazing and stunning ideas that how to pick up right sleeves length for your blouse with lehenga.

So while it is not really difficult task to choose the right sleeves length of your blouse to make your whole lehenga appealing and just fetching. So the first main thing is to analyze your body type and style and then choose the stitching style of your blouse like you have top heavy figure,

athletic figure, slim figure, small busted figure, slim figure, broad shouldered figure, voluptuous figure and other such body types.

So now here have a look on our presented gallery which is affiliated with beautiful lehenga designs with the blouses having long, medium or short sleeves and sometimes completely sleeveless or off shoulder.

Blouse for Top Heavy Figures:

Try to avoid heavy and embellished blouses from chest area because you don’t need to highlight them or to add volume.

Slim Athletic Kind of figure:

You don’t need to stuck up in length because with this figure you can look drop dead gorgeous in any style but preferable you can go with noodle straps, corset styles.

Small Busted Figure:

You can look beautiful in small sleeves or completely sleeveless blouse with lehenga.

Girls with Broad Shoulders:

Often women are not very comfortable to show off their broad shoulders and they just go with wrong fashion senses and choices. But you can preferably go with short sleeves.

Voluptuous figure:

Full sleeves are very much necessary for the girls with voluptuous figure.
So now here have a look on the presented array of styles and ideas of different sleeves length for blouse with lehenga.


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