How To Wear Lehenga Saree In Most Impressive And Fabulous Way

| January 28, 2014

Wearing of lehenga saree is most fantastic and recent trend which is passionately followed in India. It is tremendous collaboration of two most traditional dresses lehenga and saree. Stylish lehenga is beautifully paired with the choli as blouse and pallu. Here we are interested to share woith you the most authentic and easy way of wearing lehenga saree in most impressive way.

Starts by tucking the saree from the center back untile the right side of the waist. Get 5 pleats set between the right to left side then tuck the saree untlie the center back to by completing a round around the back to the starting point. Bring the pallu at the front side on right shoulder and pin it neatly finaly hold the upper corner of the pallu and take it left until side waist and pin it.

The perfect style of traditional lehenga saree will be impressively achieve in this easy way. You can explore this gorgeous stylish wearing in other immense and unique styles. have some close sight of the wearing exclusive and stylish lehenga saree

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