How to Décor and Accessorize Your Wedding Lehenga Perfectly

| September 26, 2016

Well, wedding Lehenga no doubt is always a great deal for a bride to decide with which style and color she wants to go. But to go with any Lehenga is not as easy as you think to achieve the perfect wedding look you have to think each and every point about your wedding look in Lehenga. Lehenga stands out when you style or accessorize it perfectly taking care about all points and keeping in mind the perfection level. The brides who just style Lehenga on wedding day have to bear any disaster in their look.

Do you notice that after a wedding function you and many of other people talk about bridal aura much that the color was fit or draping of dupatta was not suiting her even about Lehenga style too. It is because a Lehenga whether it is simple or designer wear with full embroidery looks matchless when you décor it or keep all the accessorizing in right way.

Today our post is all about the ways you can accessorize Lehenga in different ways just to make the appearance wonderful and bollywood divas like according to current trends. Decorating a lehenga doesn’t mean that you are going to make embroidery or stitching but some certain ways to style a fully embellished lehengas matching or styling the accessories gorgeously.

We will tell you which are the common ways and this guide really meaningful for brides who do not have any resources to contact a stylist for attaining all tips about wedding day appearance. So, let’s take the start and keep on describing all points that will make Lehenga outfit awesome.

Draping of dupatta over Lehenga:


It matters a lot that how a bride styles her wedding dupatta over Lehenga dress, yes draping of dupatta means a lot when you wanna give a totally unique style statement on wedding. There are various ways of styling dupatta, you can wear it on one shoulder, over head, front flowing style, saree style draping, and double sided drape and classic style to be royally look great and flawless just to upgrade the look of your wedding Lehenga.

Accessorize Lehenga with belts or kamarband:


The next way to stand out any style or color wedding Lehenga is to décor with belts and kamarband. This is the traditional way to embellish even a simple Lehenga in India that give enchanting look in totally conventional wearing. You can wear simple beaded belts or a fully depicted golden kamarband even in precious jewels like Kundan to be fit and fantastic.

Color choice to rock bridal Lehenga:


Well, the color choice also makes any bridal outfit Yay or nay, a Lehenga is well designed and matched when a bride goes with the color picking that suits on her specific skin tone color. Going with wrong color can destroy your d-day look and also the Lehenga dress even it is fully posh or embroidered. Look for our guide about Lehenga colors according to different skin tones for complete details.

Jewelry items to décor Lehenga dress:


Jewelry is must-have for south Asian bride and without jewelry a bridal is no bride at all. Jewelry can enhance the beauty of bride and also the lure charm of wedding Lehenga. Nowadays the Kundan, pearl gold, stone jewelry and beaded sets are all trendy but check it before wedding day that is it creating a best match with your Lehenga or not. Also the jewelry set style includes whether for long neck brides which set style is cool or short neck should go with long layered necklaces.

Choli style for wedding Lehenga beautification:


Choli style also enhances a wedding Lehenga charm much, but I must say that searching out latest trends and going with the one that suits on your body type is right way. These days designers have introduced cape style, off shoulder, chanya choli, boat neckline blouse, jacket style and even long shirts with lehengas are all dazzles to make your Lehenga classy for years.

Embroidery on bridal Lehenga:


Embroidery is done according to the Lehenga style fabric and also color, but embroidery style also bring the crazy silhouettes in your Lehenga wearing for wedding day. Deep red Lehenga with golden embroidery is always a go of brides but you must also keep in mind your figure, complexion and stuff too then buy a Lehenga with subtle embroidery. If Lehenga has less embroidery then make your choli fully depicted.

Dupatta wearing for wedding Lehenga:


Well, the draping style of dupatta is very important but what about the embellishment of this wearing. Surely it is significant as a Lehenga is, if Lehenga and choli has so much embellishments and embroidery pallets then match simple and sophisticate dupatta if the Lehenga has less embroidery then match heavily embroidered lehengas but another way is to have double dupatta with simple and embroidered one.

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