Fetching Katrina kaif in Multi Color Lehanga Dresses

| March 25, 2015

Katrina kaif wearing style:

Katrina Kaif stands among the leading actresses of bollywood actresses. She has excellent beauty which has both eastern and western ouches. Her exclusive wearing style is also amalgam of both western and eastern touches. Being a British beauty her wearing style is quite exclusive and little bit western also. But her multi shaded personality is also capable of wearing traditional Asian attires.

In her different movies she has explored her beauty in Punjabi and conventional attires. In this post we are going to share some excellent pictures of Katrina Kaif in which she is wearing excellent multi colored lehanga dresses. Lehanga dresses are tremendously popular among bollywood celebrities. These fetching lehanga dresses are extremely fabulous and inspiring. Let’s explore Katrina’s look in these lehanga dresses.

Multi color zardosi wok lehanga choli:

1 Katrina Kaif In Lahenga

In this excellent shimmering lehanga choli, Katrina is looking beauty diva. This amazing lehanga choli is beautified with exclusive multi color zardosi works. This fascinating lehanga choli is fantastically marvelous in its striking beauty and Katrina is looking awesome in this dress.

Heavy embellished shimmering lehanga choli:

2 multi colour mermaid lehanga dress

In this fetching mermaid lehanga and sensational choli Katrina is looking inspiringly sizzling. Heavy embellishments of precious shimmering ornaments and exclusive stitching of this lehanga dress is greatly praise worthy.

Multi color lehanga with sleeveless embellished choli:

3 multi colour stylish lehanga

Amazing elegance of fabulous multi color lehanga and embellished kutri is shared here. Sleeveless patterns of kurti and golden color embellishments and elegance f contrast printed lehanga are terrifically creating an impressive dress in which Katrina is looking gorgeous.

Red and golden traditional lehanga dress:

4 red multi shades lehanga dress

Fetching Katrina is looking gorgeous in this traditional red and golden embellished lehanga dres. This fascinating lehanga dress is excellent expression of traditional magnificence. Classy embellishments and opulent fabric quality are increasing its classy worth.

Full embellished contrast lehanga choli:

5 stylish heavy lehanga dress

Classy magnificence of striking contrasted colors, fabulous grace of inspiring embellishment in heavy patterns and excellent stitching designing are creating a\n outstanding lehanga dress which is worm by beauty diva Katrina kaif. She is looking inspiringly gorgeous and elegant in this fetching dress.

Splendid heavy worked lehanga choli:

6 stylish lehanga choli design

This designer lehanga choli worn by fetching Katrina kaif is fabulously marvelous. She is looking excellently impressive. Heavy embellishment in shimmering exclusiveness and elegance of inspiring colors are collectively increasing its fascinating grace.

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