Easy Ways To Drape Your Lehenga Dupatta In Different Styles

| September 27, 2017

Wearing or draping dupatta is compulsory for women and almost all of them love to wear a dupatta with their traditional dresses to look graceful and sophisticated. For social gatherings like parties, functions women carry their dupatta in different styles.

Here we are interested to share with you different styles of wearing or draping dupatta with lehenga dress on wedding day.

After wearing the gorgeous and elegant lehenga dress, jewelry and makeup a bride looks stunning and striking, it is really important that how a bride is wearing dupatta.

Style of draping dupatta changes the overall look of a bride and she can add more elegance to her demeanor by draping her heavy embellished dupatta in different stylish ways. We have compiled an images gallery, the pictures of brides wearing dupatta in different styles.

If you are interested, stay with us and get different ideas and click through to see the pictures. This way of draping dupatta is very simple, classy and easy to carry, nude color organza fabricated heavy embellished dupatta is pinned over the head of the bride,

one corner is loosely draped behind and the other corner is draped over the shoulder on front side. This style of draping dupatta can be made by everyone but a lady must use safety pins top secure dupatta from draping down.

There are some brides who want to show of the beauty of their fully adorned dress so this dupatta style will work best for them.

To opt for this style of wearing dupatta, a bride has to wear a high bun hairstyle to keep the embellished border of dupatta on the crown of the head and she can pin her dupatta with her head by using bobby pins and pleat it neatly with pins on the backside to show off the elegance of her entire dress from head to toe.

This front flow dupatta style is a very good option for the brides of walima ceremony. To drape your dupatta in this classy and elegant style, you need to pleat it neatly and pin it on the both sides of your shoulder so that it falls in front of you.

Pin the embellish border on the crown of your head by making a high hairdo hairstyle and then flow down your dupatta on your front side.


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