Discover Exclusively Various Styles of Draping Dupatta with Lehanga

| December 27, 2014

Impact of dupatta:

Dupatta is one of most essential part of Asian attires. In most of Asian countries, ladies are worn dupatta along with dress. Muslim ladies are worn dupatta for cover their head and body and other Asian ladies are worn it perhaps as their cultural wearing style. At formal events, dupatta are draped in various styles which increase the fabulous grace of dress. Ladies like to drape their dupattas in most excellent styles.

In this pot we are going to share some excellent styles of draping a dupatta. These terrific styles are gorgeously awesome for increasing classy magnificence of your dress. From these enchanting styles, you can enhance the exclusive grace of your dress also. For wedding functions and special formal events, these awesome dupatta styles are terrifically marvelous.

These different styles of draping dupatta are tremendously excellent in their stylish elegance. Modish girls can explore their splendid grace through these excellent draping styles. Let’s practically discuss draping of dupattas in different styles.

Styles of wearing double dupatta:

1 draping dupatta with lehenga (8)

These amazing styles of draping double dupatta are greatly excellent. In picture # 9 model is carrying a dupatta on head while other dupatta with slight contrasted touch is taken from back and let their pallows at hands. In picture #10 one dupatta is on head while other in draped at front in little U shape. Both these exclusive draping styles are gorgeously excellent.

Various styles of single dupatta:

2 draping dupatta with lehenga (5)

Singal dupatta is also best for drape. You can enhance the exclusive grace of your dress through charming single dupatta. In picture #3 model is worn dupatta at one shoulder which is taken at other arm. In picture #4 beautiful Nadia Hassan is exploring the magnificence of single dupatta which is at head and tied with wrists. Both these terrific styles are gorgeously marvelous for increasing the grace of personality and dress.

Exclusive styles of draping a dupatta:

3 draping dupatta with lehenga (10)

Magnificence of single dupatta draping styles is further explored in this fascinating picture. In picture # 15 fetching beauty is exploring style of dupatta which is draped from back to front and tied at shoulder by making a triangle at front.  Other picture # 16 is expressing the terrific style of wearing single dupatta. Dupatta is on bride’s head and pleated in one line at the front side. These fascinating styles of trapping dupatta are gorgeously marvelous.

Fantastic styles of wearing double dupatta:

4 draping dupatta with lehenga (6)

Amazing regal styles of draping dupatta are shared in this picture. This picture is exploring exclusive grace of double dupatta. In picture # 5 fetching lady is shown whose head is covered from one dupatta while another dupatta id across her chest.  Other fabulous picture is expressing the style in which one dupaata is in pleated style while other one is in saree like style. Both these terrific styles are superbly marvelous for increasing impressive elegance.

Fantastic styles of draping a dupatta for formal function:

We are sharing some more terrific styles of draping a dupatta in below shared gallery. Have an impressive glance of presented gallery with appreciating eyes ad try to practice these marvelous styles of draping dupatta to enhance your grace at different functions. Have an impressive glance if share gallery and select some amazing styles of draping dupatta for your fetching exterior.

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