Different Ways And Styles To Drape Your Lehenga Dupatta

| March 13, 2017

There are so many ways and styles to drape dupatta on the day of your wedding and for formal occasions but in this article we are talking about draping style for formal events.

Whichever you may choose to drape your dupatta, keep utmost care that it compliments your body structure and goes best with your outfit. Keep sure that your style of draping dupatta does not hide at all hide the work on your attire and bring out the maximum that you planned for your dress.

1. Drape your dupatta on any one side of the shoulder; use this style when you want more attention on the border of your dupatta. This side style looks chic and elegant with a lehenga choli and flaunts both your dress and dupatta. You can simply pin your dupatta with your blouse at the shoulder just from the border and let the whole fabric hang loose open on your arm.

2 .If you want to keep your draping style simple and easy just pin your dupatta on one shoulder and wrap it around the back and drape it on the other hand. This is great if you want to show off your dress and still keep the dupatta visible.

3. Drape your dupatta like the royals because this draping style instantly ups the grace factor. You just need to pin your dupatta on one shoulder and let the other end fall on your other hand and you can even drape it around your waist to make it more manageable.

4.  This draping style also look like a sari, the basic difference between this one and sari style is that the corner of dupatta in this style is visible. In this style you tuck in just one end of the dupatta ands pull till the corner makes a triangle with the other end.

5. This style of draping dupatta looks similar to the sari and this is the most frequently used style of draping lehenga dupatta. You can easily do this; you just need to tucked one end of the dupatta into your lehenga from the back and wear the other end across your body like the pallu of sari.

6. One of the easiest ways to drape your dupatta without any extra fuss, just pleat the whole dupatta and drape it across one of the shoulders. There is no need to fidget it at all and the other end is cleanly tucked at the back.

7.  This style is one of the casual drape styles, in this style a girl pleats or drapes dupatta on her arms. This style looks best if dupatta you are carrying is lightweight fabric and your dress is heavy as shown in the picture.

Anarkali style fish lehenga is designed in shocking pink color tissue fabric with silk underlay embellished with golden color wide border; sleeveless short blouse is also designed in same pink color silk stuff and fully embellished with work, golden color floral net dupatta is decorated with pink color embellished border and golden banarsi ribbon. So if you want to show off your beautiful dress then drape your dupatta in this style.

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