Different Trendy Pakistani Bridal Lehengha

| August 17, 2016

Wedding is the special day for everyone and the  persons who Are invited in the wedding they all are  very excited to go in the wedding with their full preparation  on the wedding the bride and groom are the central part of every one eyes because the bridal look is  full of  fancy things there is no part of  bridal  which is empty from the  fancy accessories because  all the things are carried on her wedding  which give them a  nice look .

On the wedding all people want to see the  bridal first look  because the make up the dress and the  jewelry all the things are very nice and attractive .first of all the bridal dress should be most beautiful because the wedding is not  organized for many times .in Pakistan  the lehengha is the traditional dress for the bride but now maxi ,sari palazzo etc are carried by the  brides but in my opinion  lehengha is best for bride  and now the  season of wedding is going to start after Eid ul Azha because  at  that time the weather will be normal  so I have some gorgeous lehengha  fir the Pakistani brides they can take the ideas from these lehengha.

Front open style:

1. pakistani bridal lehenga trend

Red color front open long shirt with the  skin lehengha is very beautiful the  fancy golden work is on the shirt  with the green touch is making your lehengha so nice  on the lehengha  golden work with the maroon and the green   pie pin  the work is very elegant  the three quarter sleeves with the  fancy edges of the duppata s giving your  bridal dress a complete and beautiful  with it you can carry golden jewelry  with the red motifs and the beads and the mattha Patti  is good choice for the  elegant bride and the golden color high heel sandal is  good choice.

Beige color lehengha:

2. pakistani bridal lehenga trend

In the Pakistani  lehengha trend the rusty ,nude and the muddy color  are very trendy because  these give  you an innocent and attractive look .peach color long open style  shirt  with heavy stone work  half sleeves  the front bodice part is fully fancy  on the border of the lehengha and the  hemline the stones are embedded  the self printed duppata with the  border  embroided  this lehengha can  be carried on the  brat and  the reception both days  it is up to you. With it you can carry nude color jewelry and the high heel baby punk color sandal. Silver jewelry is also nice choice.

Dusty white maroon:

3. pakistani bridal lehenga trend

Dusty white color long shirt with the lehengha is very beautiful sequence and the maroon color embroidery   in floral style on whole shirt with maroon duppata which is fully fancy  maroon duppata the sulpher shirt with  the maroon duppata is giving your dress  an attractive look  the embroidery with the sequence and the beads   is making your duppata beautiful  it open  like the gown style  lehengha  with it you can carry silver jewelry  and the mang tikka is   must because it will give you a nice look.  You can carry it on your wedding day all the people will praise your dress.

Peach pink elegant lehengha:

4. pakistani bridal lehenga trend

Peach color is very soft and  light color for the bride it give them an innocent and gorgeous look  on the wedding you can carry the  peach pink lehengha  with heavy stones  and motifs work and on the border  skin and sea green color  fancy patch is making your lehengha beautiful  on the whole lehengha heavy copper work is  used with this  peach pink color  lehengha  the sequence and the duppata  border is  embroidered with the heavy work with this lehengha you can carry the light weight   jewelry with the pink and the  golden  necklace and the earrings and the mang tikka  with this gorgeous  lehengha.

Aqua and beige color contrast:

5. pakistani bridal lehenga trend

Long shirt full fancy  floral and the beads are used on the shirt half sleeves  and the lehengha is in the style of  ombre and dye and dye  style the beige with the  sea green color is making your lehengha beautiful  on the border the   golden work with stones and the beads is  making your lehengha nice with  this lehengha sky blue color duppata with heavy embellishing  with it you can carry the gold jewelry but the golden with the sea green or peach  stones can  give your necklace a cute look mang tikka and mattha Patti is compulsory because it give you a real bridal look.

Besides of these lehengha I have many  others  lehengha that is very beautiful and gorgeous you can carry it  on your wedding day with full bash  and the  bridal lehengha should be  attractive and colorful  whether it is not  too much fancy .

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