Different styles of waist jewelry or kamarband, wear with lehenga dress

| January 9, 2017

Lehenga choli is the traditional bridal dress and almost all of the brides like to wear lehenga dress on their big day. Some brides like top wear short blouse or choli with their lehenga. So they adorn their naked waist with a fancy waist belt, chain or kamarband. Wearing kamarband is highly trendy and customary essential in some Asian countries specifically in India. The trend of kamarband is immensely exclusive and stylish in of the Indian women. Indian brides and other women like to wear it with sari, lehenga, fish lehenga and some other casual wearing.
Kamarband has also been called the jewelry of waist, it has various designs and styles to wear the waist side to show off the beauty of the figure and the feminine curve. These are always used according to the dresses, colors, embellishment and designs. Kamarband add an elegant charm to the personality and the dress so Indian girls like to wear it with sari or lehenga dress. We are going to share with you some of the beautiful designs of kamarband.
Modish girls like some thin design kamarband for the mesmerizing the magnetic allure as you can see in the picture. This lehenga dress is designed in white color and embellished with pearls, chain, beads and ribbon in copper color so a single line kamarband is used with the dress.

That is designed in copper chain and big round white stones, a perfect match with the dress. Self printed blue color lehenga choli is decorated with thread embroidery in golden color and little touch of shaded white color. Waist belt is also designed in the same stuff and same color embroidery looking perfectly match with the dress. This is tied around the waist line to hold the embroidered dupatta in place.
The highly astonishing kamarband is comparatively used to modernize your wedding dress and perfectly shows the size of your waist. This dress is designed in floral print stuff in pink color so the design of kamarband should be perfectly match to the dress.

Flowery necklace style kamarband in matching color will go best with the dress. If the bridal dress is so heavy and fully embellished with work and bridal jewelry is also so heavy so you should use a lightweight and delicate design kamarband to compliment your dress and jewelry.
Some mehndi brides like to adorn themselves with fresh flower jewelry as you showing in the picture, all the accessories of jewelry including necklace, bazuband, ringlet and kamarband is also used made by fresh flowers, all things are made with jasmine, red roses and golden pearls are also used in making this fresh flower jewelry.

Traditionally conventional kamarband provides you an ease to wear on the waist side with four layered multiple style on lehenga dress. Four layers of kamarband are designed with pearls and a big round brooch is placed in the center of the layers to give the layers shape of a kamarband. This bejeweled kamarband or belt is nicely embedded with small stones having an earring style dangling stone in the center looking simple but nice and well suited with lehenga having a necklace style is the art of the designers to wear around your waist above the lehenga.

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