Different Styles of Long Shirts Ideas with Wedding Day Lehenga

| March 16, 2016

Traditional Bridal Long Shirt Lehenga Collection:

Dear Girls! Whether you are engaged or not? Have you found your life partner? If yes then of course you may be planning your wedding either in the next month or into upcoming months. However whether your wedding is going to held next week or next month, it never matters the thing that matters for you is your wedding day dress. I know every girl dreams to wear something chic yet classical on her wedding day. She needs a dress that not only give her a graceful & stunning look but a dress that can also fulfills religious & cultural customs. Whether you live in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh or in any other eastern country then the first pick of every bride is “lehenga choli”. But the important question is what style of choli you should wear with lehenga”? Now days, mostly the long shirts are paired with lehengas. So, keeping this trend into my mind today I pick up some very different & unique styles of long shirts with lehengas. A bride can get very amazing ideas from the following points. So, don’t go anywhere. Just read the following points & update your fashion sense now & so that you can take a right decision about your wedding day dress!

Embroidered Straight Long Shirts with Lehenga:

1 long simple shirt lehengas ideas for brides (1)

The first idea is to make a simple shirt style long straight cut shirt with lehenga.  You can embellish this shirt fully with embroidery. If you like less embroidery work, then I thinks you should only focus around neckline & hemline of shirts. The sleeves of shirts can be long, elbow length, half or you can also try sleeveless shirts. In neckline you can try round, square, sweetheart, deep v & backless neckline at back for a more feminist & sophisticated look. Usually if lehenga is simple then shirt should be fully embroidered & if shirt is simple then try to focus on lehenga embellishment. Remember, the length of long shirt should be below knees. A shirt above knees is always considered short length.

Front Open Style Long Shirts with Lehenga:

2 long front open style shirts with lehengas (1)

Another stylish idea is to go with front open style long shirt with lehenga as shown above. The front open style can be starts either from your belly part or from where your belly ends or you can just start it from the bustline area. If you like then you can try a ban style neckline front open shirt. Buttons can also be used near placket area for enhancing the beauty of this style of shirts. On this style of shirt, the best part of embroidery is around the edges of the shirt. The edges can also be highlighted with laces or with piping.

Anarkali Style Shirts for Brides with Lehenga:

3 long anarkali shirt ideas with lehenga (1)

Now days Anarkali styles outfits are in fashion so why not you think about pairing a long Anarkali Anarkali frock style shirt with lehenga? Believe in this way you can create a very unique wedding day dress. Similarly, you can try a kalidar long shirt with lehenga. Kalidar shirts are difficult to stitch but a skillful tailor can stitch it beautifully. By mixing different ideas you can create stylish shirts as you can mix the front open & Anarkali style idea (as you can see below).

Mix Anarkali & Front Open Style Ideas for Creating a Stunning Shirt with Lehenga

4 mix of long anarkali & front open style shirt with lehenga (1)

A-line Long Shirts with Lehenga:

5 long a-line shirts ideas with lehengas (1)

You can also think about a-line style shirts with lehenga. The most important advantage of this style of shirts is that it can be later converted into straight long shirt & can wearable with Capri pajama on evening parties. So, in this way you can reuse your wedding day dress.

Angrakha Style Long Shirts Ideas with Lehenga for Bride:

6 long angrakha shirt ideas with lehengas (2)

Do you like angrakha style? If yes then wear it on your wedding day with your lehenga. Yes, it will look very nice & graceful. Angrakha style actually adds a royal impact into your personality. It is derived from the mugal era that’s why it looks very classic & traditional. It is perfect idea for those brides who want to look very conventional on their wedding day.

Gown Style Long Shirts with Lehenga:

7 long gown style choli ideas with lehengas for wedding (1)

Think about double layer of shirt with lehenga. Double layers can be created with different idea but I personality love the layer of long gown on a knee shirt with lehenga or a long gown with short choli & lehenga as shown above into the pictures.

Some other Chic Style of Long Shirts with Lehenga:

8 chic long shirts with lehengas (1)

You can view some other chic style of shirts with lehenga into the above picture. One is a long shirt with different panels & other is a long front open style shirt. You can also think about high low style shirt with lehenga. Tail gown can also go best with lehenga. For more ideas, stay with us. Keep on visiting this blog!

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