Different Style Turquoise Lehengha Collection

| July 20, 2016

Lehengha is such an outfit which is carried on the  formal functions, parties and the events  because when you carry the lehengha  with the blouse your  look like a perfect  traditional girls because in the traditional  places  lehengha is  made with different styles because it is carried by the brides and the dicvfrent girls  .

Mostly it is carried on the wedding and the birthday ceremonies the lehengha is  the best dress to put on the wedding because in lehengha you look like a  prince and prince you are fully decorated  with  the lehengha and in lehengha much  styles and the colors are inn now   a days  but it is up to your choice which color do  you like most  when you carry the matching jewelry and sandal with this dress then you look like a good  bride and  in the wedding you  are look  enchanting all the people will see  you and you will be able to   collect praises  from the others  in the lehengha here I have the collection of  turquoise color lehengha  which is good for you to go in a wedding ceremony and the other  formal events.

 Lehengha sarree:

0. torquise  color lehngha collection

The wedding season is start and all the people are excited  to go in the wedding   you can carry it on the  sangeet and the other mehendi ceremony  lehengha sarree is very beautiful to wear on the function turquoise color is very light you  should do the   contrast  it with other beautiful  shades  maroon blouse with full sleeves embellished with the  turquoise  color fit and flare lehengha  hemline is fully embellished with fancy work and the ribbon  the lehengha duppata is  in orange color the edges  of duppata is  embellished with the thread work. You can carry the high heel silver sandal with this dress and go on a  sangeet function.

Ombre style lehengha:

1. torquise  color lehngha collection

Now a days the style of ombre is very inn whether t is in anything  in the hairstyles and in the dresses  all the things are trendy in the ombre  so for the semi formal function you can carry  turquoise with the orange color   long  kurti with the   two pleated lehengha  lehengha is made with the floral prints and the sleeves are also printed  with it you can carry dye net stuff duppata  and the flat heel is good for going in get together parties.  For the spring season this  dress is nice choice  you can use the flower in your head.

Maxi lehengha with choli:

2. torquise  color lehngha collection

Sleeveless fully embroided choli with the net stuff  lehengha  under the net lehengha  the floral fabric is used golden ,brown and  black color is making your choli beautiful  the legnhga is very nice you can carry net duppata with the fabric of the shirt piece  and the  tussles you can carry the mustard duppata  also  for going in a wedding anniversary of your friend  you can  carry it with silver high heel pointed pumps.

Embroided lehengha :

3. torquise  color lehngha collection

Maroon and the turquoise color is very beautiful  on the wedding you can see the  crop top style  blouse  with the fully embellished  lehengha  the tilla, salma sitara  ,sequence and the stone  wok is looking very beautiful  with it the  organza   the edges of the duppata is fully embellished with the salma sitara work  and the short blouse  is simple with it you can make the top braided bun it is most favorite of the brides  with this lehengha you should carry the royal necklace and the bib necklace is  great choice  with ths dress carry the  matching jewelry   .

Solemn turquoise with red:

4. torquise  color lehngha collection

When two bold colors are combined you look very prominent  so here we are used the red with blue  color  fully embellished   lehengha  with the fancy work and the  frill on the hemline  with the  short blouse   the illusion neckline with the   chiffon  sleeves and the border is  also embellished you can   go with the golden dye and dye duppata   the corner and the edges are also very  good  choice  you can use the mattha Patti and the  bib necklace in the  function.

5. torquise  color lehngha collection

Turquoise and the orange:

6. torquise  color lehngha collection

Fancy blouse with the spaghetti strap  and the full flare lehengha  fully fancy and  embellish  from the hemline the  organza stuff is used for this lehengha  you can carry the mattha Patti and the jummrr  also you can leave your hair open  and make a braid and messy bun  for the  fancy look you can use the flral tiaras  and the mattha Patti   nice selection   your dressing is good to attend in the wedding  and the school universities parties.

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