Deluxe Collection of Pakistani Designer Bridal Lehenga and Choli Dresses

| November 17, 2016

Lehenga is the traditional dress for the bride whether she is Pakistani or Indian. Except all other dress a bride always looks royal and gorgeous in this dress because this dress gives a girl great bridal look. Whenever a bridal dress is designed, lehenga is always under the spotlight. From early history to recent days, lehenga has ever been our traditional emblem for the weddings. So much efforts, time, work and resources go into finding the perfect lehenga dress. Some girls like to go with traditional red color while others want a change and pick entirely unique colors combination to look unique.

Pakistani designer bridal lehenga choli dresses are designed by the inspiration of Eastern Traditions and golden era of subcontinent and every year designers launch their colorful and charming collection for bridal apparels and highlighted the long, flared and heavy bridal lehengas with load of embroidery work and fabulous shades of hues. Let’s talk about the bridal lehenga choli deluxe collection.

Lehenga dress is designed in the combination of golden and red looking nice. Sleeveless short blouse is made in red color and fully embellished with antique color work; floor length lehenga is designed in pleated style in net and silk stuff. a bride will look good with golden jewelry and red dupatta embellished with golden work. Light green color lehenga choli is adorned with light golden color work of stones, dabka and mesh chain and a pearl lace is placed on the edges of dupatta to make it more beautiful.

Tradition color combination red and green is used in designing this lehenga choli. Short choli is designed with full sleeves in maroon color and lehenga is made in green color. Both the pieces are adorned with golden work of stones, dabka and other kinds of material. The edges of maroon dupatta are decorated with tassel lace and embroidered borders, the dress is looking elegant and will make a bride gorgeous and beautiful on her dream day.

Some brides want to look different and for this purpose they choose the nontraditional colors for the big day. As you can see in the picture, the bridal dress is made in grey color; short blouse with full sleeves is fully decorated with same grey color work and ground length lehenga is adorned with some resham embroidery in light pink color and same work is done on the two sides borders of dupatta. the dress is looking stunning and if a bride will carry matching grey and pink jewelry with the dress she will look so beautiful and elegant.

Some girls like to adorn themselves on the big day with white color. This white dress is designed in the stuff of net and fully embellished with same work and a large motif of same work in pink material is made in the centre of net dupatta to make the dress more beautiful. This is absolutely an eye-catching dress and a bride wearing matching white and silver jewelry with the dress definitely will catch the attention of the guests.

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