Cultural And Traditional Persian Wedding Attire For Ladies

| February 17, 2017

Iran is a multi-ethnic country and Iranian wedding traditions are observed by the majority of ethnic groups in Iran and neighboring countries and regions. Iranian wedding traditions go back to the ancient Zoroastrian tradition, despite their local and regional variations.

Though the theory and the concepts of the marriage have been changed drastically by Quran and Islamic traditions, the actually ceremonies have remained more or less the same as they were originally in the ancient Iranian culture.

Persian weddings are celebrated with glory and distinction in the presence of a fairly large assembly. The musicians play at marriage gatherings by using drums to announce the marriage to the people of town.

Traditionally both bride and groom wear white dress because white color is considered a symbol of purity, innocence and faithfulness and along with the white dress they also wear garlands of fresh flowers on their necks.

In this post we are talking about traditional Irani wedding outfits or dresses for ladies invited in the ceremony or guests.

Your dress is the most important thing; you are going to be dancing a lot, eating and drinking a lot so wear a dress that feels comfortable enough to dance in and that compliments your figure if it becomes momentarily fuller.

Don’t wear skin tight or buckle- up; give you room to dance, move and to breath.
Obeying Islamic rules in Iran, it is compulsory for women to wear hijab or Islamic dress code but this rule is not strictly applied to tourists and foreigners.

Head and hair should be covered and scarf is the most common covering for head and hair, in Iran scarf is known as ‘Roosari’. Covering of head does not mean to wear a tight scarf around your head; you could remain some parts out of the scarf.

It is quite acceptable for women to allow whips of their hair to frame the face to look beautiful.
Persian women wear loose clothes with long sleeves because they do not keep their arms bare. They also wear long length dresses in order to cover their legs, feet can be bare so stylish footwear can be used.

See the pictures and know about the Irani women wedding attires. You can guess by seeing the picture that red color and lehenga is also like to wear in Iran, red lehenga is designed in net stuff with silk underlay and set with long shirt, whole dress is embellished with same color sequins work.

Black color velvet jacket with silver work is paired over the long shirt; head is covered with a beautiful and embellished reds scarf, plain yellow dupatta with golden lace has enhanced the beauty of the dress. In this beautiful dress a girl will look so beautiful and will feel comfort while dancing and moving.

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