Choose The Right Lehenga, Fabric, Color and Style

| March 3, 2017

All brides want to look beautiful and gorgeous on their special day and to fulfill their wish they select all accessories outstanding, beautiful and unique including wedding dress, jewelry, footwear, makeup, hairstyle etc.

In Asian countries, lehenga choli dress has become a most favorite and popular wedding attire along with traditional. While choosing a lehenga dress, a bride becomes conscious because she is totally unaware about its stuff material and style so here we will tell you about the material of lehenga dress including fabric, style and all kinds of embellishments.

There are several fabrics and materials options available in the market so while choosing the garment for lehenga you should keep in mind the season, time of ceremony and the most important thing is the body structure of the bride.

Lightweight fabrics as chiffon, georgette, net are best for summer weddings, chiffon is a very elegant sheer fabric which has a graceful drape and fall and georgette has a grainy sheer texture.

However, georgette is not as soft and lustrous as chiffon but it also drapes well and easy to maintain and in both lehengas you will feel comfort performing the wedding rituals.

Silk and velvet stuff lehengas may be the best choice for winter weddings, they look elegant and drapes well on the body. As this anarkali lehenga is designed in coral pink color silk stuff, decorated with grey color embroidery done on the bottom of lehenga and short choli.

Velvet lehenga has a tendency to look rich and royal even with minimal embroidery as the fabric has lustrous shine in itself as shown in the picture; royal blue color a-line velvet lehenga with short velvet blouse in pink color is looking great.

Organza stuff lehenga looks great but only for slim smart figures because organza has a stiff drape and falls away from the body therefore fat and heavy girls should avoid this fabric.

Plus size girls should choose some fabric that has a nice drape and which tends to cling to the body. The preferred fabric for these girls would be silk, chiffon or georgette.

Choose the color of your bridal dress according to your skin tone, hair color and eyes color so while choosing your bridal dress should keep in mind. Find the color that will help your complexion to stand out at its best; dark colors are best for fairer brides while brides with darker skin might do better to choose a light color instead.

There are different shapes of bridal lehengas so select the shape and style to keep your body structure in mind. Circular flared lehenga has extreme volume, starts with numerous pleats at the hem that finally diffuse as one goes down the flare. So this lehenga is perfect for slim smart girls.

A-line lehenga goes best for plus size brides because it is tighter at the waist and flares out to the bottom. Apple shape, pear shape and thin body shapes should go with mermaid or fish lehenga because Fish lehengas are tighter at the hips and knees and flares from the calves in the form of a fishtail.

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