Astonishment of Lehanga Choli Designs by Rohit BAL at India Couture Week

| August 27, 2016

Rohit BAL at India couture week:

Indian one of most prestigious and esteemed mega fashion event “India couture week” has been celebrated recently. This event was full of matchless fashion demonstration; designers were there with their most recent collection and fashion trends. It was huge fashion wave which was flowing at ramp with excellent grace. Indian top fashion designers were there to accentuate contemporary fashion trends with great glorification. Almost all leading fashion designers were there to boost up fashion charm of this splendid function.

Here we have Rohit BAL also, who was there to explore his most recent lehanga choli collection. For this season, BAL was interested in conventional pattern that’s why we have pure Indian lehanga choli dresses. It was all romanticism, splendor, graceful patterns and captivating elegance which was denominating the prestigious ramp of India couture week. Rohit bal’s lehanga choli costumes defined allure elegance of black with multi colored patterns, intricate embroideries,

latest stitching designs, pure Indian fashion grace and fantastic blend of conventional and modern patterns are collectively creating immaculate designs of stunning lehanga choli dresses. For Indian celebrations and wedding event, I think nothing can be more appropriate than this excellent collection which is teemed with all classy demonstrations. Let’s discuss fantastic elegance and allure grace of these awesome lehanga choli attires which are presented by Indian fashion icon “Rohit BAL”.

Embroidered cape with lehanga:

1 Rohit BAL India Couture Week 2016 lehanga choli collection

Red flora embroidered cape with plain well stitched lehanga dress are collectively creating an outstanding costume. Cape is contemporary fashion crush and its color scheme of this cape and lehanga dress is exclusively romantic. Designer defined the latest fashion elegance in sensational patterns. With fine jewelry accessories and immaculate makeup you can enjoy matchless grace at special festive events by wearing this designer lehanga and cap dress.

Plan and contrast patterned lehanga choli:

2 Rohit BAL India Couture Week 2016 lehanga choli collection (1)

Inner plain kurti and fit and flare lehanga are paired with golden printed crop top choli. Full sleeve crop top choli and stunning stitching of this compact lehanga dress is excellently noteworthy. With precious jewelry accessories, stunning makeup and formal hairstyle you can rock the event by wearing this fabulous dress. Greatly to define the elegant girlish beauty, designer infused fabulous elegance in this stunning wearing style.

Open style flare dress:

3 Rohit BAL India Couture Week 2016 lehanga choli collection (2)

Heavy embroidered in floral pattern, excellent stitching and open style flare style are consuming in excellent wearing idea. This fetching dress has all excellent demonstrations which can define ideal girlish grace with excellent patterns. For gorgeous young girls, this fabulous heavy dress is matchless selection for the superb expression of their classy personality, elite taste and excellent feminine beauty. Pair this fantastic dress with allure accessories and suitable hairstyle to look prominent and elegant at celebrations.

Jacket style lehanga choli:

4 Rohit BAL India Couture Week 2016 lehanga choli collection (3)

Plain lehanga choli in haute black and floral embroidered jacket are collectively creating an excellent dressing style. Stitching elegance of this fantastic black dress is enormously compact and ideally defining splendid girlish beauty. Golden belt and flora embroidered jacket are fabulously increasing classy grace of this elegant lehanga choli dress. With forma hairstyle and in makeup you can enjoy fabulous appearance at special event by wearing this classy lehanga choli.

Open cape and lehanga:

5 Rohit BAL India Couture Week 2016 lehanga choli collection (4)

Heavy floral embellished open caper is paired with fine flora embroidered lehanga. This well embellished lehanga dress has excellent elegance to make you accentuate among the fashion crowd. Embellishing vision, stitching grace and over all demonstration of this festive lehanga dress is greatly fantastic. To rock disclose your trendiest and splendid taste, this fantastic lehanga dress is terrific choice.

Rohit BAL defined some more classy costumes at jovial Indian couture week and to grab the classy dexterity of this collection you have to take an impressive view of this finest collection. Enjoy the classy expression of this allure lehanga dresses collection which is excellent expression of Rohit Bal’s excellent designing sense.

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