10 Latest Designs of Kamarband on Lehenga

| July 21, 2014

Latest kamarband:

Wearing kamarband is highly trendy and customary essential in some counties of Asia specifically in India. The trend of kamarband is immensely exclusive and stylish in the vision if the Indian women. Indian women and girls like to wear kamarband with sari, lehenga, fish lehenga and some other casual wearing. This is highly appreciating thing for the women to carry latest designs of kamarband with their tremendous designed outfits and costumes.  Traditionally kamarband has varicose designs and styles to wear on the waist side to show the beautification of the waist and the feminine. Models and Indian actresses are also love to wear fantastic kamarband with the matching context of their dresses.
We have many styles and designing of the kamarband, some of them we are going to share with you for your assistance. Let’s have a look on all the 10 kinds of kamarband to display the amazing features of your waist.

Three layered kamarband style:

1. stylish designes of kamarband on lehenga (4)

Traditionally conventional kamarband provides you an ease to wear on the waist side with three layered multiple style on lehenga dress. Wearing kamarband is highly chic in India to wear with lehenga or sari.

Double layer dangling style kamarband:

2. SDL963315829_1390210212_image1-a9866

This bejeweled kamarband or belt is nicely embedded with small stones with two layers style having an earring style dandling pearl between them.

Necklace style kamarband:

3. stylish designes of kamarband on lehenga (6)

The kamarband or belt is well suited with yellow lehenga having a necklace style is the art of the designers to wear around your waist above the lehenga, make you a celebrity among your fellows.

Gold necklace style kamarband:

4. Bollywood Celebrities Walk at  Amby Valley Bridal Fashion Week 2013 (10)

Jennifer jaquiline has also worn a gold necklace style kamarband around her waist on lehenga dress to display the beautification of the whole exterior.

Chain style kamarband:

5. IMG_2832

Indian girls love to wear kamarband as their tradition and add an elegant charm to their personality. Modish girls like some thin designed kamarband for the mesmerizing the magnetic allure.

Net style kamarband with dangling stones:


Indian actress Shilpa Shetty is also displaying tremendously fantastic kamarband in wide net style with dangling stones.

Traditional kamarband:

7. images

The highly astonishing kamarband is comparatively used to modernize your wedding dress, and perfectly shows the size of your waist.

Flowery necklace kamarband:

8. soh11007

Astounding necklace style kamarband has gorgeously amazed the viewers and specially the lover of the kamarband with this stupendous designed belt or kamarband.

Kareena kapoor kamarband;

9. 54718bd405b0c2ac007aa43bc9f8bdba

Kareena kapoor has worn a baroque kamarband in the combination of the Indian traditional costume in movie Raavan and presents a choice for the lovers of this trend.

Bejeweled kamarband;

10. stylish designes of kamarband on lehenga (7)

Kamarband has also been called the jewelry of the waist, so this waist side jewelry is fabulously designed in the selection of the designers and offers a style of the bejeweled gold chain around your waist.

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